RINAINTIMO.IT make shipments with COURIER EXPRESS


        Costs vary from country to country and will be communicated when the


        CAUTION: FREE DELIVERY for amounts over € 160,00


     The order is usually processed and shipped within 24 hours upon receipt of payment 
  (except in exceptional cases where it is necessary a reorganization of the product). Delivery times vary from carrier to country depending on the country delivered to which is assigned the package and still communicated when the order

      You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the time of departure of your order; in this email IDs will be specified on your neck to keep monitored the shipment directly on the courier's website. Important: To facilitate the Courier delivery, when you fill your order indicated in the notes to the present name on the intercom if different from that indicated in the order, if there is an internal (eg. Int. 3, scale A) or anything else can avoid confusion at courier delivery.

      With regard to the processing of products damaged during transport, liability is attributable to the express courier which handled delivery. Signed subject to verification if you notice that the package is damaged.
In case of non-receipt of goods or non-delivery by event not attributable to or courier, postage and return of purchased products are paid by the customer.