Our company

Our company founded in 1971 by families of street and now boasts forty years experience in retail of underwear for the whole family.

In 2012 thanks to the experience in the industry and to meet the new market demands we have embarked on the path of online sales getting great appreciation from our customers.

Over the years we have increased the catalog of items in our online store with over 1000 items including lingerie and fashion for the whole family, ranging from infant, toddler, child, woman, man and household linen.

Our strengths:

  •     our products are sold to individual amounts not force anyone to sell to multiple boxes,
  •     our products are all in stock and quantities viewable available for sizes and colors next to each product image,
  •     continuous replenishable products every day with more than 1,000 items available for immediate shipment,
  •     our prices are cheap and competitive because we buy directly from the manufacturers by avoiding unnecessary steps that could drive up costs,
  •     do not give "loyalty points" to encourage customers to come back but we have a competitive price right away, it will be the customer, if you will, will reward us coming back to buy in our online store,